Avoiding Becoming Prey

Module 4: Avoiding Becoming PreyAt this point in the course, you may notice yourself drifting away from the person you were when you started the course and some resistance may be creeping up. This is normal.

Continue to affirm what you are doing for yourself and surround yourself with positive supportive people.

As a result of you becoming different, you may find you no longer resonate with people you used to. And people who used to resonate with you, may find they no longer do either. 

It is not that you don’t love or care for each other, it’s just that you are no longer the same person.

This module shows you how to evaluate relationships and let go of those that are no longer good for you.

It takes courage to rediscover your true self and live the life your were meant to live; especially if it’s not congruent with the life your parents, friends, colleagues or peers would deem right for you.

More specifically, this module will teach you how to:

  • Learn how to tell if the people in your life are good for you
  • Go from friendships that suck the life out of you to friendships that make your soul sing
  • Make your current friendships stronger than ever
  • Let go of people who are no longer good for you
  • Keep negative energy out and set boundaries to keep your energetic field peaceful

Complete this module over the next week.

Activities are listed in suggested order of completion.

01: Module 4 Intro (Audio)

02: Being Unapologetically You (Audio)

03: The Truth about Letting Go

04: How to Remove Toxic People from Your Life

05: How to Remove Toxic People from Your Life Worksheet

06: How to Remove Toxic People from Your Life Checklist

07: Setting Boundaries (Audio)

Complete this module before moving on to the next one.

Note: Remember to write in your journal each day.