Lori DiGuardi on Confidence

Communicator, Public Speaker &
Argentine Tango Dancer

About Lori:

Lori’s life work is to help rekindle the inner spark in everyone. She sees herself as an energy alchemist, helping to transform resistance, doubt, and limiting beliefs into a vibrant authentic expression of life.

Lori also sees herself as a big momma in a small package with love enough to go around. Lori lives her life’s purpose in every moment and through her roles as life coach, mom, director of Brain Tree Primary School, Uganda, and as V.P. of the Board for One Voice Community.

During her many trips to Uganda as an international leader in the nonprofit world, Lori witnessed people struggle with fundamental needs, sometimes clinging to life, and often dealing with death. Surprisingly, though her work was to help others, she became a recipient. The people of Uganda were instrumental in teaching her self-worth, how to live a life of gratitude, how to be aware in the precious moment of now, and how to live a fullness of life regardless of circumstance. Lori embodies these teachings and shares them in her work with others.

Lori says,

I am most passionate these days about wanting people to understand that they have a capacity for unlimited power and possibilities. For those who are ready, I help people understand that they are only limited in being who they want to be primarily by their own beliefs.”

She holds a B.S. in Computer Science summa cum laude from Alvernia University, is a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), is a candidate for the Master’s of Science for Organizational and Strategic Leadership program at Neumann University, and will hold ACC credentials from the ICF early 2014.

When time allows, she trades in her superhero cape for Argentine Tango dance shoes and sashays to the dance floor.